Deuter Backpack Excitement!

I’ve wanted a Deuter backpack for a while, mainly because I knew I’d be traveling at some point, and I needed a backpack with A) packing room (a backpack for luggage, essentially) Bthe capability to be a  mini-traveling backpack for when I’m actually in Kuwait and need a backpack to take with me to other countries when I take shorter trips Csomething extremely high quality D) something pretty. 🙂

Deuter meets and exceeds all of my “must haves” lists. I really wanted the 75+10 Aircontact when I first started researching, just because it’s so big and tall and cool-looking. I imagined myself strutting around Germany or something, looking all authoritative despite my diminutive height because I have on sunglasses and a Deuter 75+10. Reality, however, caught up with me, and when I flushed away my ridiculous fantasies, I decided the 65+10 was more reasonable. You can find more Deuter awesomeness here.

So I got one! It’s an early Christmas present. Thanks, mom! xoxo

I’m totally smitten with my midnight blue Deuter 65+10, but I wanted to do a little comparison between a few different styles of the backpack. Which one is your travel favorite?

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