Beginning of Goodbyes and other changes

It looks like July 14th was my last post, and it’s the 27th today, so I’d like to take this time to congratulate myself on my awesomeness of being one day shy of two weeks between posts.

A lot has happened in two weeks, but the major events really happened this past week, when I went to Vancouver to visit my best friend, Jessica. It was a trip that seemed to take forever to materialize; we’d sort of missed each other every other time I’d been in the YVR area. I went down in 2009 and saw her then, but when I went for my cousin’s wedding, she was busy, and during a few other visits (namely an interview to work in Abu Dhabi in April of this year), I was only down for the day, so getting together was impossible. FINALLY, we were able to set aside some time that worked for both of us.

It was one of those trips where everything seems to go right. The weather, typically iffy in Vancouver, was sunny and hot most days. Jessica is like me in that she doesn’t mind driving around to the four corners of the earth to do fun things with her friends, especially if those fun things involve animals. Thus, we embarked on a fun-filled week-long journey packed with an animal lover’s treats: we made our way to the greater Vancouver zoo (updates are coming along, but this zoo needs major help. It’s mildly depressing going there), and the amazing Vancouver aquarium. We saw our favorite sea animals, took great pictures, and got tanned. When we weren’t busy oohing and ahhing over belugas or jaguars, we were eating at amazing restaurants that served food so good, we smothered the screams of protest from our hips and stomachs. Bliss.

A picture of this bliss is pictured here: Joe Forte’s deep-fried pickles. Un-mucking-believable.


Girl time was something I’ve missed with Jess. We have similar views on a lot of things, and our beliefs cross over and combine in an infinite number of ways. Despite little differences (she’s a cat lover, and I am a dog lover), we both adore animals and care for their safety, we like dressing up to go out, we love eating, we appreciate a good horror movie, and we can talk freely with each other about almost anything. She is an attentive listener and enthusiastic friend who constantly supports you with encouragement. Throughout the week, I heard “how exciting you’re going to Kuwait” and “that’s so ex citing” (in reference to school). She was a gracious host who drove all over Vancouver before she found me to pick me up the Friday I arrived, and we had a ball shopping and spending ridiculous amounts of time in Sephora. I am so thankful to have my friends, because they are in the calibre of well-aged wines and European chocolates and all other kinds of extraordinary.

In other news, I must inform you all that I have since given my notice at the pizza establishment. Call it a hunch, or call it “I can’t take it anymore-itis”, but whatever it is, something deep inside of me told me I had to get the bloody hell out of there.
I wrote a diplomatic email to my boss, explaining that I would be moving on in two weeks, and she could give me shifts (or not) if she wanted to. Although our pizza philosophies differed and I have next to no good memories of the godforsaken place, I wish everyone there a fond farewell.In particular, the girl with whom I worked my last shift, who agreed with me in earnest when I gently criticized the store. “It’s pretty much the worst place to work,” she agreed, her 18-year old nonchalance spurring me on to point out more shortcomings.

I am hoping to obtain a few more shifts from my current place of employment where I am hosting, as I could potentially get more than 3 hours a week, unlike Chez Pizza, who seemed to have difficulties (as discussed by me and the 18 year old) creating a realistic schedule for anyone wanting to earn more than $65 a week.

I will leave it here for now, for I am in the airport awaiting my flight home to Prince George after an incredibly entertaining week with a best friend. I am feeling sad and and happy and reflective all at the same time, and I should take this time to reminisce on my week.

My Macbook’s battery is also dying.

Until next time, readers…

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