Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Summer is here! Meaning, that in the Middle East, it never really left. Every day is summer.

There is something sobering about waking up every day and knowing what the weather will be like. Coming from Canada–where you can arise to sun, drive to work in hail, admire a rainbow in a sunshower around noon, and fight the blustery wind and snow by early evening–it is very unusual, but very welcome kind of change. When I wake up in the morning, it’s beautiful outside. The sun blazes through an eerily cloudless blue sky, and the weather is either ‘hot’ or ‘hotter than yesterday.’ After living in a country where weather is a species of Russian Roulette, it’s actually refreshing to wake up and know that you’re either going to be hot or hot and very sweaty.

That is one of the things I love about Kuwait. There are others. Like, for instance, the luxury.

In Canada, we are rich in resources, and enjoy a fine standard of living. But it’s not obscenely wealthy, mainly because the government chooses to enjoy a wealth of political stability and fine friendships by exporting goods and resources and not enjoying the spoils with its people. The opposite exists in Kuwait. Most foreigners are initially appalled at the obscene wealth: Masaratis are not uncommon sights, and the most popular “middle class” vehicle is a Land Rover. Canada is conservative with wealth, so seeing this kind of blatant money in architecture, vehicles, and shopping outlets was shocking for about 24 hours before I recognized the sensibility in it. Kuwait is oil rich, and they use the money from the oil to take care of their people first. They enjoy the fruits of their labor instead of shipping it off and denying everyone a Land Rover. There’s something really admirable about that. 

I also love beach parties. We went to one on Thursday night (remember Thursday is Friday here….the last day of the week) and it was a blast! We grilled houloum cheese, dipped pita into fresh hoummus, and ate veggie burgers. It was amazing. We swam in the bathwater-temperature water, which was a dazzling blue, and collected an array of pearly shells. We took some pictures too. Allow me to share!






All in all, it  was a great night. 

On Friday (the new Saturday), I went to the Palms for a brief workout and lounge by the pool before I went to lunch at a dear colleague’s house. She’s a good friend already, and we had one of those 6 hour visits that are so special. I enjoyed her company, and she made a vegetarian feast of rice and dill and beans, lentil, carrot and zucchini soup, and this amazing salad with pomegranate seeds, fresh herbs, and oil. It was delicious.

Today was a day of rest. We soaked up the heat of the Palms and swam in the pool. All in all, it was pretty marvelous. Tomorrow is school again.

There are some exciting things happening too: potential travel plans for the Eid holiday at the end of October, my plane ticket home for Christmas is booked, and it’s almost World Teacher Day at school. Excellent!

I miss everyone dearly, but I’m having a great time. I have been sick since Wednesday, but inshallah my cold will subside and I’ll feel better soon.

Love you all. Go and love life! 


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2 thoughts on “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

  1. Sue Muirhead

    Dear Kristin
    Sounds like you are loving the hot weather and are having many adventures!!!! Your Mom and Linds are somewhere over the ocean too. We took out their potatoes,carrots and turnips on the weekend just in case it might freeze. The air is cool here and so beautiful. We had the boys out on the weekend – so much fun with them these days. I am off to China to assist at a Come Alive two weeks today so I will be in the hot weather too. I must say though that I do not have a preference for the heat – give me four seasons and some cool weather especially for sleeping – New Mexico was pretty sweltering and I was so thankful to get back to the cool. There are those that love the heat though – Sarah being one, my friend Renee another – sounds like you might fit that category too. I’m glad to hear you have made some good connections and your feast sounds delicious. Aiden is studying Egypt right now so we have been doing some Egyptian cooking – pita bread and a lentil soup tomorrow. We are enjoying the home schooling immensely. Kieran is loving high school so far and has joined the Tolkien club so he is quite excited. Damian mentioned you on his radio show last week – saying that you were off teaching overseas and he was wishing you well and dedicated this song to you – he thought of you when he saw the video – a swedish group called The Swedish house Mafia – the song is called Save The World Tonight – you will understand why he thought of you if you watch the video.
    Sending you lots of loving and wishes for good health. Stay well.
    Auntie Sue

    • Hi Auntie Sue!

      Yes I do love the heat, but I love fall as well. Right now I’m missing it! I’m missing Canada actually. It’s been a challenging week. I’m so glad I’m here though!!! xoxox

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