Thanksgiving and a dash of humdrum

Not to sound blah, but seriously? Eating Indian food (leftover Indian at that) while I picture the rest of my family gathered together over a boiling pot of wayyyyy to many potatoes (we do it every turkey dinner), I feel sort of melancholy. I’m sure this feeling wouldn’t be as salient if it wasn’t for the brutally bad day I had at work and the fact that the kitten I adopted from the side of the road last week ended up dying. I can’t say it’s been a very magical week—I’ve had fun teaching my students, but there has been a bit of an imbalance of luck in the past few days.

It starts with the kitten. We’ll get to Thanksgiving soon.

Digest version: So there’s this little black kitten. It lives with its dumpster-diving family near a tree beside our school. The thing is so tiny it has developed an infection in its eyes, and by last week, they’d seared shut. Being an animal lover, I felt incredibly drawn to the stinky little feline. With Megan’s help, we catnapped it, drove it to the vet, and got the little girl some shots. I bathed her twice a day, cleaned her bedding, bought a kennel, and coaxed her to have some milk. She seemed to be gaining strength: she was meowing and clawing around in her little towel post-bath, and I felt so smitten. Then, Thursday after school, I come home, she’s gone. Brutal play, universe. Brutal.

Then my toilet continued to NOT work, then my kitchen flooded. Then I had the WORST day at school today, and this feeling was coupled with the fact that today is the first Thanksgiving in my life that my grandma hasn’t been alive, and to top it off….I’m not there. I felt extremely guilty (damn Catholic guilt) that I wasn’t there to help my mom and aunt and cousins prepare dinner and play with my dogs and visit with everyone. Our family is very close, and we celebrate big. So today was a particularly bad day. I can see the colours of the falling leaves, I can hear my dogs bark when the doorbell rings, and I can smell autumn, stuffing, and cranberry sauce amidst the voices of my loved ones.

Feeling a bit reflective, I am posting pictures of Gateau, the kitten whom I loved, if only briefly, and will be thinking of my family. xoxoxo


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One thought on “Thanksgiving and a dash of humdrum

  1. Sue Muirhead

    Hi Kristin
    This is Auntie Sue in China – blessings on the little kitty – he/she was loved at the end of his/her life. Kieran and Aiden were also commenting about thanksgiving this year – no big dinner up at Auntie Kathy and Uncle Lindsey’s with all the family!!!! So you were missed as well!!! Your mom and Linds got home late On Saturday nite – we picked them up at the airport and they were pretty tired. It was so good to see them and hug them again. We stayed over the nite and then made them breakfast in the morning. I left yesterday – Thanksgiving day – for China and I am in Shenzen now about to depart for us to start a Come Alive tomorrow. I am feeling anxious and will settle once we begin.
    I am sending lots of loving and we will see you in the not too distant future. I am imagining there will be days of melancholy otherwise the bright days would not seem so bright. I usually have melancholy days when I am away from family – always missing someone these days.
    Big warm hugs – I am also in the heat now!!!!
    Auntie Sue

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