Sirens and a visit to Bahrain

Every time I come on here, I am aghast at how long it’s been since I last posted. AGHAST!

Things have been interesting in Kuwait lately. There have been some hiccups over Chez Parliament lately because of some legislative changes. Protests ensued, and now there’s some concern about the future of the country’s stability. EXCELLENT! I love that the papers read this as “the most unstable Kuwait has been since Irag’s invasion” and THIS is the time I chose to come here, HA! Situational irony? Dramatic irony? Bad luck? Who knows.

On a happy note, it’s Eid, so Eid mubarak! This means vacation time in Kuwait. Megan and I will be going to Bahrain, a cozy little island near Saudi Arabia that boasts ridiculously cheap Indian food (have I mentioned my obsession with paneer?) and has alcohol, so Megs can finally get her glass of wine! I am excited because it’s somewhere new, and Bahrain, for whatever reason, holds appeal for me. We are staying at a 4 star hotel and it’s going to be awesome!

Last night, we went out to a restaurant with swinging chairs and shisha with our Kiwi friend, Clare. She is going to Dubai for the holiday. We had a great time, and I greatly enjoyed my halloum sandwich. We took some pictures, and here are the results. Although I should mention I don’t smoke anything; the picture of me is just me holding the piece, not smoking from it. Honestly, I think the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland is cool and I wanted to be like him.

So I’m excited about Bahrain! And I will definitely post pictures of Bahrain, and tell you stories about Bahrain, and probably shop in Bahrain. Let’s just say that after the craziness of work lately, this is a welcome holiday. WELCOME, holiday!!!! Welcome!

Have a great day everyone and blog soon!



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