No poppies, delicious Italian, and a things to look forward to!

Okay, okay. I slacked off again. Big time. But hear me out—it was report card week. It really should be called “Report card TIME” because a week is just the last fraction of time you have to get grades in. Leading up to that week is actually harder: chasing kids down for lost assignments and adding up said late assignments in your grade book is time consuming. Then let’s not forget that we have to add comments to students’ work. It was a harried week, friends!
We also returned from Bahrain, which I tried really hard to like, but which was really nothing more than an expensive, smaller version of Kuwait. We did go to the souq, which was cool, and I got a little wooden camel, which was also cool. I liked that part, and I also liked going to the Hard Rock café with Megan and getting a free breakfast from a rich Saudi guy whose Bentley I admired.
The weekend, however, was wonderful. Thursday night was a movie night. Megan and I went to see Wreck-it-Ralph, a hilarious and witty story featuring characters from our favorite 80s and 90s video games. It was clever and sweet and was made all the more enjoyable by the fact that we had an incredible Italian meal beforehand. We had this delectable pasta with creamy mushroom sauce and amazing lattes.
In other news this week, I read “In Flanders Field” to my kids, and am finding it hard to get a hold of a poppy in Kuwait. I assumed the embassy would have them, but since they have hours reminiscent of an understaffed medical clinic in Canada, it’s impossible to get there before 3:30—closing time. SIGH.
Mom and Linds have sent me a package, which is exciting. It does have poppies in it but I can expect to receive in about three weeks, which is sadly long past Remembrance Day. It does, however, have pyjama pants in it, so I’m a happy camper.
Nothing else new to report. The countdown to Christmas has begun! It is a sad state of affairs to be in a country where it is hot and snowless when I am such a Christmas freak. I am missing the festive décor (although I almost wept seeing trees and decorations at IKEA on the weekend) of the malls and the twinkling of lights on the houses.
I hope you are all well, and now that I am back and settled, I can fully guarantee a quicker update for next time!

And remember! “I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me!”

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One thought on “No poppies, delicious Italian, and a things to look forward to!

  1. Sue Muirhead

    Hey Kristin
    I am finally catching up on emails now that I am back in Ymir land again. We arrived here on Thursday and Sandor is sleeping at my feet right now. Damian and Sarah have gone off on a short holiday visiting friends and family in the lower mainland and Aub and I are holding down the fort here – feeding chickens, feeding and playing with the kitties – cleaning the litter and giving pippin pills for his sore mouth(this is the hardest part) and of course taking care of Sandor – walks and scrubs and just loving him up. It is starting to get cold here – no snow and yet quite frosty this morning. Things in PG were quite busy before I left so it is good to get down here and slow down a bit. Of course, I miss everyone from PG when I am down here and miss Damian and Sarah and crew when I am home in PG and just plain miss Marty and Chantelle all the time.
    It sounds like things are going well for you – I am glad to hear you are exploring the world over there. My trip to China was great – we had a fabulous Come Alive and a great team. It is a long trip however and so by the time I got home I was pretty tired.
    Shendah has gotten the tickets for the Christmas Carol on the 22nd – we are all going then as that is the day after you get home. Aubrey, Shen, Kris and I are cooking for the Muirhead Financial group on the 15th of December – I am determined to do Christmas more in the spirit of giving – giving of my time and energy so that is my goal this Christmas in memory of dear Mom.
    Aub and I have discussed the chopped idea coming down here. We are thinking because of the one stove situation – we will give all the cooks a basket and they can bring what they have cooked to a dinner – we just watched an episode of chopped at your Mom’s and Lindsay’s place and everyone cooked something different and it worked well. We are thinking of ways to do it with the limitations we have. It will be fun regardless. Aub, you and your mom are cooking so far – Aiden is going to be the host, Kieran, Linds are judging so far and I am not sure about shen, kris,jennifer and james. I think Shen might cook too.
    Well, speaking of cooking I must go get dinner ready for Aub and I – it is almost 8 pm.
    Sending lots of loving and looking forward to seeing you soon – you will be that magical age when I see you next.
    Auntie Sue

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