Camel MANIA!

The best thing that could have ever happened to me in the desert happened to me on Thursday, the 15th of November. I got to go to a camel farm with some friends, and spend the day petting, kissing, and riding camels! This was a source of constant excitement for me during the week, and by the time Thursday rolled around, I was flipping out with eagerness. My iPhone was charged and ready for pictures, my mind was ready and prepped to have an amazing day, and my hands were shaking at the thought of snuggling and stroking the sweet little camels.
We drove out the the desert, where lots of people choose to ‘camp’. I use camp in quotations because this isn’t the “let’s set up the tent and enjoy some wieners and hot dogs buns around a fire” kind of camping. These guys go all out. Kuwaitis drag their low-rise couches, Persian rugs, and take these huge, elaborate water tanks to hang out in the desert for a while. It’s crazy and over the top, like everything else in this country.
So the man we went to see has a camel farm and right when we arrived, the camels were called over for lunch. It was amazing. There you are just standing in the middle of this camel ambush as they walk-trot towards you for lunch. I managed to corner and molest one before it got to its dinner, stroking its little camel nostril and little camel eyes. I kissed the daylights out of that camel, make no mistake. That camel was FONDLED.
Next we went to see the camels eat lunch. Lunch is dates, and let me tell you, they enjoy their dates. Foaming at their cute little fuzzy mouths, these guys were munching and crunching away happily. At one point I was bashed into when one of them was trying to get closer to the big tub of food. 
There was a moment of confusion and hilarity when I was petting a camel who decided to move toward me. I back up, and as I did, I slipped out of my sandal, which he promptly stood on. I made every attempt to push him out of the way and grab my shoe, but I just ended up laughing. Pictures are posted below!
Riding a camel was another interesting experience, because it was a bit jostly and higher than a horse. Still, it was amazing, and it was a feeling that almost familiar. Perhaps I was an Arab in another life!
At then end of the excursion we got to drink camel milk, which was a bit of a disappointment. It was foamy on top, and the milk itself tasted like part skim milk, part hot water, and a few tablespoons of salt. Others exclaimed it was “surprisingly sweet”, but I’m not sure where this description came from!

Anyways, it was an amazing experience. Check out my photos for proof!


Love and miss you all! Image



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