Christmas ’til Now

I know, I know.

I’ve been horrible. The worst blogger EVER, since my last blog post was November 18th. There is no excuse, except to say that things got really hectic around that time: creation of final exams, Christmas plans, shopping, flying to Canada, returning to Kuwait and going straight back to work, giving the midterms……it was crazy.
But I’m back now and I’m stoked to blog again. A lot has happened since November, and although there have been many challenges, a lot of good things have happened too. I have booked a trip to Lebanon for our February holiday, and that is exciting. I am really eager for Lebanon because I love Lebanese food, I speak French, AND I can ski and snowboard there. Win, win, win! I will be sure to tell everyone how it goes, and I’ll take lots of pictures.
Today was desert day! This is the second time I have been to the desert and I absolutely love it there. It’s so different than anything at home in terms of geography, but I also like it because of all the really cool things that are familiar to home: the roasted veggies, the good company, etc. I took some great pictures, which I’ll post soon, and I had a great time. 

Upcoming items this week: potential field trip with my students (on Thursday, if it happens), and another really good weekend. 🙂

Keep fit and have fun!

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