Ah, Pah-ree!!!

Well, we got back from Paris, and what a trip it was! This was Megan’s first time in Europe, so it was extra special. Ii remembered the Trocadero subway stop, so when we got there, I made her close her eyes until I steered her in front of the Eiffel Tower and said, “open!”
She got a bit teary because seeing it for the first time is such an overwhelming experience! It was really something wonderful.
I haven’t been to Paris in almost 8 years so it was really exciting for me. I got to see a few sites I’d never been to before, either: Versailles (amazing, and Marie Antoinette’s was super cool), Notre Dame (out a candle for my grandma s s others), and Invalides and the Louvre. Such a rich history in that city. There’s something about the crusty baguettes, the hot, mulled wine, the cobblestone streets and the accordion music that makes it live up to every standard people set for it. The food is just as good as you hear it is, and the people are just as romantic.
We took a dinner cruise which was pricey but worth every cent, and although our hotel was minuscule and set deep in the northern ghetto of the city, we rather liked the treat of grabbing pastries and cheese and wine and eating it as we watched French television before falling asleep and waking up to our next adventure!
Paris was freezing, and living in Kuwait…,well lets just say I wasn’t very well prepared for the weather! A ended up buying a cape in the subway station and even another scarf!
Another cool item was catching up with a friend I had worked with at UNBC, DI. She moved to Paris right before I finished teaching at UNBC and left for Kuwait. She took us for a great pizza dinner and we munched on some Parisien goodies at her place while cuddling her Persian rescue cat, Nelson.
It was a feast for the eyes after being in Kuwait—you miss grass and trees and fresh air living in the Middle East! It was a great girls’ trip and one I hope to sequel. 🙂

Enjoy some pictures!!!!



















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One thought on “Ah, Pah-ree!!!

  1. Sue Muirhead

    As Spring blossoms here in Ymir and the butterflies come out and the little green blossoms are shooting up it is great to read of your adventures overseas. What a time to be doing all this travelling – how grand to see so much of the world, the different cultures, people, food etc.
    France sounds wonderful as you describe the art, the music, the food. I think it is also great to share these adventures with someone you love and care about. I am imagining you and Meagan will remember these times as you grow older and reflect back. I am glad to hear you lit a candle for dear Mom – she would be happy about that!!!! How grand to reconnect with an old friend – what is she doing living in Paris?
    Today is your dear Mom’s birthday and she is in Houston!!!!I love your Mom alot – she is a dear sister. I did try to phone her last night and did not get through. Aub got his stitches out of two fingers yesterday – it was fairly difficult to see – he has to see the surgeon next week on Tuesday – so we will see how that one goes – that is for his middle finger that is pinned in three places. Thank you for your warm messages – they make a difference.
    Thanks for sharing your trips and adventures – they are great to read about and imagine.
    Sending lots of loving and warm spring messages from this side of the world.
    Auntie Sue

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