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Back to sand, friends, and adventure…



A long and much needed absence! But, as the saying goes….
I’m baaaaaaaaack!
So here I am, round #2, in Kuwait. It’s interesting coming ‘back’ to a place, because so many things are the same, and so many things are different. For instance, this time when I arrived at the airport, I knew exactly where to go. I knew I needed a visa before I could go to the luggage area, and when I was in the security area and the gate closed after the lady in front of me (meaning I was cut off), I didn’t throw a tantrum like the poor westerner behind me.
“How rude!” she exclaimed.
“Are you new here?” I asked tentatively.
“It’s my first time,” she said, a heavy dose of fury in her head.
I didn’t quite know what to say. Get used to it? Shit happens? This is nowhere NEAR as irritated as you’ll find yourself in the days to come?
Having good friends makes a difference. I need to have a shout out to all the amazing friends I have here. They really are the most amazing group of people. I have been so blessed to find people who treat me more as family than as friends. They’ve helped me a lot through my loneliness without my Megan, and they’ve done so much for me. I am so, so blessed.
I think the best thing about coming back is that I get to see everyone again. People are so important to me—I was joking with a friend the other day that I’m like a black lab: I love ‘my people’ and I’m so eager to see them. Falafel nights with Clare, weekends with my Iraqi and Lebanese buddies… is good. Plus, the second time around, you sure know a lot more. Life is easier now. Plus I know the best places to get all the foods I craved over the summer and couldn’t have: tabbouleh, hummus, fatteh hummus, lemon with mint..mmm!!!
There are new challenges this year, but to maintain professionalism, we’ll leave them out of the blog.
But here I am again, back in my ‘other’ home, and I am looking forward to a great new year of traveling. Perhaps Lebanon again, but definitely Europe, and definitely some new places in the Middle East!
I am living farther out than I did last year: last year I was in Salmiya which is pretty cosmopolitan and filled with things to do. This year I am farther out and it’s more of a pain to get into places, but my apartment has lots of the things I missed out on last year. All in all, it’s good.
I miss you all very much! There will be an update soon! Aiming for a twice a month kind of thing!

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